Our Mission

The Colon Cancer Support Network of the Carolinas is dedicated to providing support to colon cancer patients as they navigate the emotional, physical, and financial challenges of their diagnosis with these programs; peer-to-peer mentoring, facilitated support groups and financial assistance.


Our Only Fundraising Event of the Year!

Thank you, $75,000!

Thanks to your support at Bottoms UP!, the Colon Cancer Support Network raised $75,000 (okay really $74,945) for our colon cancer survivors.  Since the event on May 10th, we have already helped 4 survivors with their utility bills, car payment, and a new stove top (the old one caught on fire and they couldn’t replace.)
We will keep you updated throughout the year on our progress supporting so many other colon cancer survivors, our peer-to-peer mentoring program and our facilitated support group in the Concord area.

Thanks again, you are the best friends that someone could ask for!


Have an idea about to raise $ for our survivors other than Bottoms UP!, email penelope@coloncancersupportnetwork.org

Recent News

Assistance Programs

Understanding that every person diagnosed with colorectal cancer has unique circumstances and needs; our goal is to provide assistance programs that ease some of the burden associated with this diagnosis, allowing survivors to focus on treatment and recovery.  Read more


A comprehensive list of resources for newly diagnosed patients seeking information about their diagnosis, treatment options, surgery and recovery, local support groups, and much more.  Read more

Get Involved

Help us to continue supporting survivors in need by donating, volunteering, or becoming a mentor for others.  Read more