Our Story


While Harrisburg resident, Yvette Ferris, was delivering her fourth child in July 2011, she learned of a significant tumor that was determined to be cancerous–Stage 3 colon cancer. Lives changed forever that day. With three other young children at home to care for, and her fourth having just arrived, this horrible news brought 36-year-old Yvette and her husband to tears. Imagine the range of emotions that Yvette and her family faced. Their fear was real. The many questions had no real answers. Medical support was available; however, Yvette soon realized that there were very limited resources available to help her cope with her new life during this most challenging time. There was no one to tell her what to expect, how to handle the effects of the disease, or to support her during her battle. The greatest challenge of all was facing the unknown.

Yvette’s friends and family soon realized that she was not alone with these worries and concerns. They found that many others were in even more difficult circumstances, without the same access to resources and the strong support network that Yvette had. They determined to turn her struggle into a legacy that would benefit the lives of others in a similar situation.

Colon Cancer Support Network of the Carolinas (formerly known as The Yvette W. Ferris Foundation) was founded in March 2012. Yvette was officially declared cancer-free in 2012, and the foundation has since dedicated itself to ensuring that those who are battling colorectal cancer have the support they need!

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